Standing Tall:
A Tribute

From leJoie Magazine

     There are, among us, a growing number of people who demonstrate a strong sense of compassion, intelligence, creativity, and selflessness. We don't often hear about them on the news, nor read about them in the paper. They are not sensational, but quiet, strong way-showers in a world badly in need of positive influences.

     Patricia Daly-Lipe, Ph.D., who resides in Haymarket, Virginia, is right up front on such a list. She is a highly talented artist, skilful writer and published author, as well as a professor of writing. And interwoven throughout all of these strong credentials shines a deep sense of love for all beings, human and animal. Gentle in spirit, strong in friendship, Pat lives the concept of loyalty and strength of heart.

     "A deep thinker" – a common phrase used to describe some of the world's finest philosophers and writers – is aptly applied to Pat, easily seen in |her first book, Myth, Magic, and Metaphor, a Journey into the Heart of Creativity. Recently re-published in 2001 by 1stBooks Library, Myth, Magic, and Metaphor offers one of the best writing manuals on the market today. From those individuals who write about the animals in their lives, to the professional free-lance writer, to the published author, this book will be the guide to make one a better writer, a truly fine writer.

     But much more: this book is one to read cover to cover, then open at random whenever inspiration is needed. Author David Weiss says, "Myth, Magic, & Metaphor ... is a journey well taken. I believe that Mozart and Rodin would have enjoyed also." Richard Lederer, author of The Miracle of Language remarks: "Myth, Magic, & Metaphor is luminous with oracular wisdom about the nature and sources of creativity. From first page to last, this book will inspire you to be inspired."

     Do you wish you could write but don't know how to start? "Write about everything;" Pat suggests, "the most trivial may be the most significant. Let the words flow; invent them if need be." She continues to offer helpful writing insight from both James Joyce and Hemingway. An aspiring writer, or one seeking to polish existing ability, needs this book in one hand with pen, pencil, or keyboard in the other.

     Perhaps the same advice applies to the soul as well. For Myth, Magic, and Metaphor is one of those little books that is pure treasure, the needed lift when the spirit is weary. Open the book: it may fall easily to pages 104 and 105. And read:

     "More than ever, I feel, three aspects of the human psyche need to be developed, namely: imagination, inspiration, and creativity.
I was as a gem concealed;
Me my burning ray revealed
"Remember the etymology of enthusiasm is `in or of God'.

     `Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.'
(Douglas MacArthur)

     "For the artist, there is a clarity and an order in the beauty of nature. Our participation in and with nature allows us to recognize that fact. The universe is truly both within us and without/outside us. There is nothing new in this world that is not old. All this, the artist observes and records."

     Dr. Daly-Lipe has one book in the final process of being published, a collection of nature writings that will be reviewed and recommended in an upcoming issue of lajoie. And she continues to write! This is excellent news for those of us who already know and admire her — her paintings, her books, and above all, Pat, herself. We can all find hope for the human species, and the planet in this remarkable person.

Thank you Rita for writing “Standing Tall: A Tribute”. For my web readers, please look at Rita’s book, Crossing the Bridge, What Animals Have to Teach Us About Death, Dying and Beyondand check out her web site: Also, I encourage you to look at her son, Tim’s, beautiful art work, portraits of pets:

Rita Reynolds may be contacted at or
PO Box 145, Batesville, VA 22924

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