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A Celebration of Its Past


Paris Between The Wars

From Paris to Rome


Nature's Wisdom

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Released 2005.

"...you are such an inspiration to me. You write sooo beautifully and also do so with your painting." -CC-

“This is a wonderful book for all ages. If you need a great gift to give someone, what better than Nature’s Wisdom? These heart-warming stories are both entertaining and meaningful.”
        Devan, age 10

      Nature's Wisdom is a delightful collection of personal stories about animals, people, travel, and the sea. The reader quickly sees that Patricia Daly-Lipe is a special person who loves animals and thoroughly understands the special bond that only animals and humans can share.
      It is also evident that she is an accomplished writer who loves travel and adventure. I particularly enjoyed her sailing recounts as I could almost feel the stillness of the too calm, quiet days and the fierceness of the stormy, windy days at sea.
      In this complex world, it is particularly refreshing to find a writer who is able to help us stop,
      I highly recommend this book.
        Jane Best
        Morganton, NC

      This is Patricia Daly-Lipe’s gift: She tells your story – tells all of our stories – through her own experiences with beloved companions, animal and otherwise. The lean, wiry power of Daly-Lipe’s wordcraft compels you to immerse yourself in her tales, knowing full well that her tales are your tales. It is a fast read, but don’t be in a hurry; reign yourself in and savor the journey.
      When you read Nature’s Wisdom – and read it you must – you will, by turns, smile, laugh, cheer, weep, grieve, and heal. And most of all you will rejoice at the opportunity to be invited along the diverse paths of this talented writer’s own journey in the unified company of empathy and compassion. The work chronicles Daly-Lipe’s respect – and love – for all life.
      The California native lived in the Washington, D.C. area for many years. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Vassar College, and after raising her children, earned her Master’s degree and her Doctorate in humanities, specializing in creative arts and communications. She has taught English and writing to university students and adults (lucky them!), has written for magazines, and has been a columnist for Beach and Bay Press Newspaper Group in San Diego. She now resides in Virginia with her husband, two dogs, and two horses. Nature’s Wisdom is her fourth book.
      Daly-Lipe is skilled at transferring her thoughts to her reader via creative imagery consisting of supremely well chosen words. If there is truth to Mark Twain’s observation that the difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug, then Daly-Lipe’s prose and poetry crackle with benevolent lightning. (No offense is intended, however, toward lightning bugs.) In addition, her spare and precise writing credits us readers with being inside her, with being one with her, as she describes her experiences. She writes, for example, of Mr. Woodstock, the rescued pup from Albemarle County, Virginia, who adopts sea legs and becomes an icon aboard the author’s sailing craft. She slips the term yacht pup in on us without explanation; she knows we know what a yacht pup is and sees no need to puff the phrase up with quotation marks or italics. Oh, sure, Daly-Lipe seems to reason, not everyone yachts, but each of us has a car pup, a couch pup, a barn pup, or an office pup. She seems to know we’re with her on this one, too.
      Actually, we’re with her all the way anyway, so compassion-rich are her tales and so compelling is her manner of telling them. When you experience, through Daly-Lipe, the abundant truths waiting Out There to be harvested by the diligent and willing among us, you will be in possession of glistening gems of nature’s wisdom by their handfuls. “If we listen,” Daly-Lipe writes, “our animals will teach us more about love than most of our human friends can or will.”
        -Reviewed by Patti Cole, Contributing Editor to laJoie

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La Jolla: A Celebration of its Past

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     My husband is very impressed with Patricia Daly-Lipe's book, so much so that I haven't had a chance to read it yet.  He has read a number of books about our home town of La Jolla and found this one to be truly superior to the typical tourist offering.  The overall quality of the book is demonstrated by the breadth of the topics covered coupled with the knowledgeable glimpses of La Jolla offered by several resident authors.
          Maureen Shaner from La Jolla, California. U.S.A.

     There are other charming books written about the jewel-by-the-sea, La Jolla, but this one adds a special touch that enhances our beautiful resort with fascinating facts from the past.  Famous names such as Irving J. Gill, the architect, Ellen Browning Scripps, Charles and Anne Lindbergh, Gregory Peck, and Cliff Robertson, to name a few.
     The world renowned Scripps Institute of Oceanography with its pioneers, such as Roger Revelle, is one of the many outstanding features and facts of a well written record of our paradise-on-earth village.
     Though not a native of La Jolla, I have visited it since 1938. I moved my residence here in 1985.
     I have sent this book to family and friends out of town who have also become intrigued with this Town with the Funny Name by Max Miller. 
     Indeed, anyone, anywhere, interested in history and the arts will open a book filled with them.
          Leigh Sherman, La Jolla, California;
          Member of La Jolla Branch of National League of American Pen Women since 1984:

     Our General Meeting on April 28th went splendidly.  Patricia Daly-Lipe, the Author of La Jolla, A Celebration of Its Past, was so enthusiastic about her subject that she had us all amazed!  Her husband, Steele Lipe who edited her book, came along to encourage her for she had two talks scheduled that daya long day for her but she rose to the occasion with gusto.  It is beautiful now, but we can only imagine it unspoiled by traffic and congestion. A good read! Patricia had written several books and has a novel coming up this year.
          Barbara DeYoung
          Lakeside, California Historical Society
          April 28th General Meeting 2003

      "Add blessings on you both for creating such an informative and delightful book on La Jolla... (It) kept me up late last night ...Thank you for writing this literary treasure!"
          Janie Paull past resident of La Jolla, California. U.S.A.

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Myth, Magic & Metaphor

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Richard Lederer, author, lecturer, and co-host for KPBS radio
     "...luminous with oracular wisdom about the nature and sources of creativity. From first page to last, this book will inspire..."

From the Author:
     After spending several years teaching college-level English, I came to Annapolis. while looking for another teaching position, I was introduced to Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. Because of my interest in painting, some friends invited me to share a studio they had at the Hall. With all the other arts represented-dance, painting, sculpture-I asked the Director, why was there not a course in creative writing at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts? "Do you want to teach it?" he asked.... read more!

Book Description:
     Myth, Magic & Metaphor takes the reader on a journey into the heart of creativity. The little tome attempts to awaken the aesthetic sense, the creative muse who lurks within us all. Today, in a cognitive/technical society, people have become more and more removed from the instinctive aspect of the psyche. My task as author is to enhance the creative spirit through myth and metaphor, to restore the sense of wonder adults experienced as children. My method is multisensory, interdisciplinary, and holistic. There are no limitations to what thoughts, ideas, observations, or research could and might be used to stimulate the creative process. The ultimate tool is the human heart (from the French; coeur, meaning courage). The medium is words. Philosophy, art, music, and linguistics are some of the disciplines used as stimulation.
     As Phyllis Whitney says, learn to "think with a pencil." What comes out on paper may be the most wonderful gift you have ever received. And, just think, dear reader, you gave it to yourself.

     I read MM&M in one sitting on a bench in Union Square Park, completely engrossed, and unaware of the lunatic babbling of Park denizens. An embarrassment of riches, to say the least. I really enjoyed your ranging mind, and the manifold use of citations and poetic snippets. You are a quintessential humanist. And best of all, you helped unblock me from non-writing.
          Joseph Roccasalvo, S. J.

     I read, reread and reread MM&M as there is an abundance of enriching material in it. It takes me to a different plane of experience. You are such an inspiration to me. You write soooo beautifully and also do so with you painting.
          C. Cook

     For anyone looking for their creativity button this small, dynamic book is a must read. Ms. Daly leads the reader through an understandable path to finding your creative juices without wandering too far off the journey to finding your writing powers.
     With the many exercises she includes within the chapters it makes this 107 page book even more valuable.  I found this journey to writing can also be applied to other arts that the reader may be interested in pursuing.
          Pamela Binder, Bay City, MI:

     For me, this was a delightful and refreshing book to read. I found myself underlining and asterisking numerous phrases throughout the book to refer to again and again. I would highly recommend it to anyone involved in or interested in the creative arts.
          A reader from Morgantown, NC:

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    I can fly!  Although I purchased this book for my daughter to share with high school students in her English and creative writing classes, I decided to read it myself before sending it. What a great decision! I read it like a novel, thereby receiving the full impact of the encouragement and excitement being created within me as I turned the pages quickly. Before I had completed the book, I was totally inspired with renewed confidence to practice being creative in ALL areas of my life, not just in my writing. I moved things around my home with abandon, made new desserts with a flourish, and even dared to tie a scarf around my neck and go out in public! All of these things were great FUN! I may never write a novel, but this book has surely inspired me to use my creative spirit as I spice up my life. I thank you, Patty Daly-Lipe for that, and I truly believe this must have been the reason you wrote this book!
          A reviewer, Bed & Breakfast owner, March 3, 2004

    I found this book to be a great source to get the creative juices flowing in ones mind. It isn't a 'how to' book. I believe another reviewer simply didn't understand the authors intention. It is a great upper for anyone feeling a lag in creativity when writing.
          Ben, A reviewer, March 1, 2004

    In the Fall, 2004 issue of laJoie Magazine, (laJoie and Company, P. O. Box 145, Batesville, VA 22924 (540)456-6204 lajoiecol@aol.com ), publisher Rita Reynolds has written a lovely “Tribute” to me and to my book, Myth, Magic & Metaphor. I am humbled by such praise. She speaks of my having “a strong sense of compassion, intelligence, creativity, and selflessness.” But it is to the readers of my books that the best tribute comes. “…Myth, Magic & Metaphor is one of those little books that is pure treasure, the needed lift when the spirit is weary.” She then quotes from the book: “More than ever, I feel, three aspects of the human psyche need to be developed, namely: imagination, inspiration, and creativity... For the artist, there is clarity and an order in the beauty of nature. Our participation in and with nature allows us to recognize that fact. The universe is truly both within us and without/outside us. There is nothing new in this world that is not old. All this, the artist observes and records.”

Thank you Rita for writing “Standing Tall: A Tribute”. For my web readers, please look at Rita’s book, Crossing the Bridge, What Animals Have to Teach Us About Death, Dying and Beyondand check out her web site:http://www.blessingthebridge.com/index1.html Also, I encourage you to look at her son, Tim’s, beautiful art work, portraits of pets:http://www.blessingthebridge.com/tims.htm

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A CRUEL CALM: Paris Between the Wars


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     This is not what you might expect for a review but, it's words and thoughts that come from a little boy growing up in South Georgia wondering just how far it might be to France and those other countries which have to be way up above Atlanta, Georgia.
     I will admit that all my life I have never read many books just for fun. But I have written many published stories that I shared with thousands of readers for entertainment and enjoyment.
     So when I read your book many folks including our publisher lay bets that I would never make it through your book.
     So pay up folks, this gal knows how to write and hold me from cover to cover. I learned one hell of a lot reading Pat's lines she shared with me, and was hooked from the beginning. It is true to life and quite an education to this little boy who has just learned that France and Europe are many more miles above Atlanta than I could imagine.
     Pat, I really enjoyed A CRUEL CALM.. You created a wonderful work of art. It's very obvious that as a writer you, like me wrote this book speaking from your heart. Please write another one, maybe a sequel.
                                                                                                                                          W. Everett Beal, Rph, author, Southern Winds

“Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all — well, yes and no. Read A Cruel Calm view of this age old dilemma.”
                                                                                                                                Rita Mae Brown, Author of eleven novels, poet and two time Emmy nominee.

Patricia Daly-Lipe has written a fascinating and compelling account of life in Paris between the two world wars from the point of view of a young and inexperienced Catholic woman. She has obviously researched her subject extensively, and deftly weaves social norms, glimpse3s of cultural giants, both literary and artistic, of the period as well as a look at history. She combines with this a moving love story and a delightful tour of the city, as well as other locations in France. You will feel you are there!
                                                                                                                                         Kay Pfaltz, Author of Lauren's Story: Am-American Dog in Paris.

     "I greatly enjoyed this excellent recreation, almost a recollection, of the seeming distant but really so recent past that still shapes our present world. This is an amazing evocation of the Paris of a time when it truly was the cultural and intellectual heart of the west. Famous personages are-were a part of everyday life in a concentrated mix of cross fertilization that would be difficult to imagine happening today. All of this in the context of an improbable, but ultimately plausible love story. Read this story and be transported back to a magic, vanished time. You will find this one of those books that quickly captivates and may not allow you to put it down. I would highly recommend this book to lovers of Literature, History, France, and of course Romance."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Felix W.

     So far Christian and I are 'sharing' (read: 'fighting over') it - so yes, we are enjoying it! Fortunately, he goes to sleep before I do, so then I take it over...
     This is superb work. I appreciate the quality, the substance, and the style.
     Very well done.
                                                                                                                                                                                              Dr. M.P. Cosman, Esq, San Diego

     A very pleasant surprise, January 22, 2005
     On the surface, A CRUEL CALM is a romantic "coming of age" novel about love, loss, and redemption It throws in a surprising ending to boot. But it's not "just" a love story. As the novel works out its story line, it brings to life a society and a culture that would otherwise be hauntingly unfamiliar to today's readers.
     Daly-Lipe spices up her story with side trips to such diverse areas as the history of aviation. the American exile community in Paris, modern art, Hannibal, and the Catholic church. The diverse characters include Charles Lindbergh, James Joyce, and Gertrude Stein--and each of them belongs in the story.
     I don't want to give away the plot of "Forbidden Loves." It takes many unexpected twists before it arrives at the ultimate twist at its end. The story is worth reading without anticipating anything but surprises.
     This is not the type of book I normally read, Nevertheless, I enjoyed it enormously.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Robert Goodman, San Diego, CA

A Letter from the Ambassade de France aux Etats-Unis
Dated Washington, April 20, 2005

Dear Ms. Daly-Lipe
    Thank you so much for your nice letter and for your wonderful book on Paris between the wars. I really appreciated it and your endeavour to search for the places and the facts of your mother's life in Paris and make a great book of it is admirable and impressive.
    I wish your book a great success.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Jean-David Levitte

Dear Pat:
     I have just finished your book and I must say, I am very proud of you. It is beautifully written.
I remember oh so well you telling me about your mother's French love of her life and that you had found his letters. You were so anxious to write a book about it, you have and it is very good indeed
You have structured it well and within that structure expressed emotions so poignantly. Your descriptions of places, moods, atmosphere and people make one feel a part of your story.
     I was very touched at you putting in Mummy (Regina Lebaron Smoot) fictitiously. I know that she was very keen on your writing and I can now see why.
Your ability to put on paper straight forward piece is interesting as is is very well thought out and carries itself in a very serious fashion and therefore the reader does not want to put the book down.
You obviously did a lot of research and your ability to let that research flow from your fingers as if you had been there yourself is great.
I liked the quotes at the beginning of the chapters as they added live thoughts of others which gives a sort of authenticity to that period...Very much the Bloomsberry set. Poetry was almost the essence of their being. I wondered if it had anything to do with that uncertain period between the wars.
     I am not sure that any critic I would make of your book could give it justice, but it is good, very good and I hope that is sells well. It is great read and I think it would be a shame for it not to get the readership it deserves.
Again, well done.
                                                                                              Putzi; Oak House, Surrey, England (the house used in the movie 'Finding Neverland')

     "I just finished your book (Forbidden Loves, Paris Between the Wars) and truly enjoyed it. The history, the love story, everything. You write beautifully. I felt like I was there and being of Catholic faith, I felt so sorry for her (the protagonist). And the ending broke my heart. (X) is my 2nd husband and I wanted to annul my marriage and so did he and in 1990, I went to my priest and yes, it could be done, but to the tune of $5,000.00 for both of ours to be annulled. And so we said no, we didn't have that kind of cash lying around and so we were not married in the Church and today 14 years later, it still hurts."
          From Linda, another reader (last name withheld at her request):

Available from LiteraryLady.com, or Amazon.com

or from my publisher Xlibris; eBook $9.99, Paperback $19.99, or Hardback $29.99

                                                           Published by


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ALL ALONE, From Paris to Rome


ALL ALONE, From Washington to Rome, a 60s Memoir is an extraordinary memoir that immediately transports the reader to another time and place; a time when art and culture and ideas matter, and a place where beauty and love are natural and innocent. Patricia Daly-Lipe, in a style that is both literary and eloquent, paints a picture of Rome as seen by a young girl coming of age during the ‘60s and left all alone. Her bittersweet memories of the loss of her mother and a failed first love are contrasted by the unbridled joy and wonderment for life she experiences in a foreign country. All ALONE is an honest and thought provoking look into the past that offers all who read it a better understanding of themselves.

Barbara Casey, Author
Shyla’s Initiative, The House of Kane, The Coach’s Wife, Just Like Family

This memoir about a talented and intelligent young lady’s transition from late teen age years to young adulthood opens another world beyond the direct experience of most, including this reader.  We are taken to and from Europe where we meet individuals who place high value on ideas and philosophy, where the author describes art, architecture and ambiance, and introduces the reader to individuals of another almost (as I see it) bygone high culture.  Among others, I was intrigued by the author’s great uncle, Msgr. William A. Hemmick, the only American Canon of St. Peter’s Basilica.  I’ll say no more, but suggest one read the book.  The author uses contemporaneous diary entries coupled with the perspective of the well-educated and successful mature woman.  In this, the author succeeds.  The memoir is not in strict chronological order but arranged as one might remember long ago, which I found helpful.  The book held my attention due to the flow of the writing and my interest due to the subject matter.  The book is easily a one evening read and well worth the effort.


           Purchase from Xlibris; eBook $9.99, Paperback $15.99, or Hardback $24.99

                                                           Published by



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